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life can be soo beautiful if you believe) in LOVE by Jimmy Hicks

Violence is a product of previous violence or hatred:( it's sad to see such a wonderful World blessed with so many beautiful things being destroyed by all of us Mother Nature wept as the World was blamed for all of our faults, One small act of kindness one small action of goodness can change the way we think and live for the greater good in all of us, ONE SMALL ACT OF KINDNESS OR LOVE TOWARDS ANOTHER LIVING THING CAN CHANGE THE WORLD:) I love Mother Earth and I believe in a Lord One creator making everything LOVE not HATE, we created hate not the Lord we all did with our greed,taking we are all takers since birth cursed to judge and want meaningless things, the only thing I ever wanted was ONE WORLD, ONE LOVE FOR ALL THINGS ARE EQUAL AND THE SAME LIFE CREATED THROUGH LOVE, PEACE 2016

written by Jimmy A.D Hicks